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Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holding Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as “SPH”) is a large pharmaceutical group with dual listings in Shanghai and Hong Kong’s stock exchanges– SSE Stock Code 601607 and HKEx Stock Code 02607. The company’s core business is in pharmaceuticals and covers four major activities: Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retailing. 

In 2016, SPH reported revenues of RMB 120.8 billion, making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry. SPH is one of the few listed pharmaceutical companies with a leading position in both manufacturing and distribution in China. It is included in the sample stocks of both the SSE 180 and CSI 300 indexes. Its H shares were selected into the Hang Seng Index Compositional Stocks and MSCI.

Research & Development

SPH's Research & Development team is dedicated to providing innovative, safe and effective drugs against serious and chronic diseases.

The company has set up an R&D system with a Central Research Institute as a technical core. SPH owns one state-level and ten provincial/city-level Corporate Technology Centers. In total, we have registered 319 invention patents. In 2014 and 2015, two cooperative projects won the First Class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

SPH has adopted an open R&D philosophy. As a result, we have built strategic alliances in innovative drug R&D with the following institutions and corporations and many more: Shanghai Institute of Materia Medical; China Pharmaceutical University; Shengyang Pharmaceutical University; Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Co.; Second Military Medical University; Shanghai Fudan Zhangjiang Biopharm.Numerous innovative products are in the registration or clinical trial stages.


SPH’s manufacturing facilities provide products ranging from chemicals and biochemical to modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), healthcare products and medical devices. We are focused on five major therapeutic areas: digestive and metabolic systems; cerebral and cardio-vascular diseases; infectious diseases; neuro-psycho diseases and oncology. 

We have manufacturing bases in 8 provinces in China, including quality API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) bases, modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) bases, fine chemical reagent factories and nutrition &supplements production base.

The products are manufactured in over 20 dosage forms. 26 products have sales revenues of over RMB 100 million. SPH manages a number of renowned trademarked Chinese brands such as, SINE Leishi, Dragon & Tiger, Cangsong, Guofeng and Shengxiang. We are also licensed to use the well-known Qingchunbao and Huqingyutang trademarks.

SPH has implemented a Lean Management System, optimized production and conducted pilot programs to integrate multi-IT systems in the production process to increase output. A number of our APIs and preparations have passed quality authentications from the WHO, FDA, EU and other ICH member countries.


SPH’s distribution networks covers the whole Chinese territory, starting with the most developed regions (Eastern, Northern and Southern parts) and expanding to other areas. Our distribution system is the third largest in size.

SPH has established close relationships with major domestic and foreign drug manufacturers through supply chain solutions such as modern logistics, information support and Point of Sale distribution, which covers more than 27,000 hospitals at different level. The company has a nationwide commercial network and an efficient, agile, smart and modern supply chain service.

In China, SPH is the leader in new business development for vaccines, high-end consumables, DTP (Direct to Patient) and SPD (Supply Process Distribution).


SPH is one of the top pharmaceutical retailers in China in terms of sales revenue. Our retailing businesses include drugstore chains, joint-venture drugstores and DTP drugstores. Our Huashi Pharmacy is one of the largest drugstore chains in Eastern China with about 1800 locations covering 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Our retail system is highly integrated, with Huashi as the main platform. We also use modern information technology to expand into T-mall (online store), remote video pharmaceutical counselling, medicine retail network, self-service medicine purchasing machine, and other new health service models.

The company is also innovating new models in the pharmaceutical industry. SPH Health Cloud is cooperating with Jingdong, Wanda, DXY and others, providing a service platform focused on consumer experience and more professional services, more convenient ways for drug purchase and more comprehensive health management.

With a solid foundation anchored in our core values – innovation, integrity, cooperation, inclusiveness and responsibility – SPH is continuously dedicated to the providing a healthier life to the general public, while striving to be recognized as a respected manufacturer of leading pharmaceutical brands, as well as a healthcare services provider with a stellar reputation.


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