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Shanghai Pharma 2018 Annual Conference Report

On February 9 2018, SPH held its Annual Conference in Shanghai. The theme was “Invent and Win the Future”. Attendees included the SPH senior management team, SPH Party representative, heads of some of SPH’s subsidiaries, the headquarters’ major departments (Market Access, Legal, Finance, Investment) and SPH staff’s high performers. This meeting’s aim was to review the companywide performance for 2017 and communicate priorities and business strategies for 2018.

Several important speeches were delivered at the day-long conference:

Mr. Zhou Jun, President of SIIC and Non-Executive Chairman at SPH

In his keynote speech, Mr. Zhou started by describing SIIC’s business activities in 2017. He then highlighted SPH’s impressive performance last year, including the H-share SPO and the acquisition of Cardinal Health China’s distribution business. Mr. Zhou emphasized several key factors for continued success in 2018: a strong capital base, international expansion through overseas M&A, comprehensive healthcare solutions and innovative R&D. He specifically mentioned the need for more international talent and a shift to a global mindset for SPH’s staff. Finally, he invited SPH’s management team to set business strategies for the three business areas (manufacturing, distribution and R&D) in 2018 and asked the subsidiaries to see their development and performance through a whole-company perspective, using the right mix of collaboration, good judgment and calculated risk.


Mr. Cho Man, Executive Chairman and President at SPH

Mr. Cho underlined the priorities and business strategy for SPH and its subsidiaries in 2018. He noted that the Chinese pharmaceutical industry’s business environment would stabilize in 2018, which will offer both challenges and opportunities for SPH. He called for the company to fully implement the strategic plan in the four major business areas (R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail).


Mr. Shen Bo, Executive Director, VP and CFO at SPH

Mr. Shen presented a comprehensive performance assessment for major SPH subsidiaries. He used an extensive list of criteria, which included benchmarking, brand image and business performance. He codified these results with colors: red (underperformance), yellow (acceptable performance) and green (excellent performance). He highlighted stellar performances of some branches, analyzed their shortcomings and offered suggestions for future efforts.


Ms. Chen Xin, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee & Chairwoman of the Labor Union at SPH

Ms. Chen Xin reported on the accomplishments of the Party Committee in 2017.

Ms. Chen Xin, deputy secretary of Party Committee and chairman of the labor union at SPH, made the annual work report of SPH Party Committee. The report reflected the achievements of the party committee gained last year, and it also set the tone for the new year’s priorities. These tasks include building a stronger management team, initiating a total survey of the subsidiaries, cultivating an innovative company-culture and forging a market-oriented management strategy.

Mr. Huan Jianchun, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee at SPH

Mr. Huan summarized the work of his committee in 2017. He presented cases of misconduct and the ensuing disciplinary actions. He then emphasized the importance of ethical behavior in our business dealings in 2018.


For the first time, the annual gathering included panel discussions involving SPH’s senior executives and some key leaders in subsidiaries. The three discussion topics were traditional Chinese medicine, the pharmaceutical distribution business and pharmaceutical chemicals.


Finally, heads of some subsidiaries officially submitted Operating Management Report for 2018 to the CEO.

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