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SPH Received Elite Students of Science from Australia

Dec 4 – 14, a practice program was jointly organized by Shanghai Pharma (SPH), Shanghai Medical School and ICRO International Group, and was opened at SPH Sine to its first trainees, i.e. the elite undergraduates of science from Monash University - one of the “Group of Eight” or the Ivy League of Australia.

The eight students attending to the program in Shanghai were all winners of honors degrees in cutting-edge technology fields. Under the guidance of the mentors from Sine Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the students acquired knowledge in such fields as Microecologics and inhalation preparation, explored the major topic on enterprises’ international development, and investigated corresponding strategies for distinctive areas and topics.

Dec 14, the closing meeting for the Practice Program for Monash University Elite Students of Science was held. Shu Chang (VP of SPH), Tang Jianhao (GM of HR Department of SPH), Wen Bin (Deputy GM of SPH Sine), Chang Guangping (VP of Shanghai Medical School), Zhou Jia (President of ICRO International Group), and other persons responsible from related companies showed up as reviewers, and communicated and interacted with the Australian students, who, divided into two groups, presented their results of the practice with sufficient theories and data, including clinical data analysis model, clinical research program design, inhalation market SWOT analysis, competing risk assessment tables, etc.

SPH Sine intends to receive the oversea students by the strategy of building an international practice base. The practice program provides a new way of thinking for SPH’s internationalization strategy and exchange of international talents.


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