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Shanghai Pharma ranked up among Shanghai Top 100 Companies

A press conference was convened on August 28 to release the list of Top 100 Companies of Shanghai 2017. Shanghai Pharma, with an operating income of 120.8 billion yuan, ranked the 15th among the "Top 100 Companies of Shanghai 2017", rising by one rank compared to last year; and the 7th among "Top 100 Manufacturing Companies of Shanghai 2017", consistent with last year.

The Top 100 Companies of Shanghai were included into the list as per the corporate operating income of 2016. Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, Shanghai Enterprise Directors Association, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations jointly released the list.

Last year, the total operating income of the Top 100 Companies of Shanghai amounted to 5.726 trillion yuan, increasing 330.6 billion yuan by 6.13%; net profit 373.6 billion yuan, rising 15.8 billion yuan by 4.43%; total assets 26.6162 trillion yuan, growing 3.6528 trillion yuan by 15.91%; total taxes 442.7 billion yuan, increasing 31.2 billion yuan by 8%. The finalist threshold for Top 100 Companies of Shanghai was elevated to an operating income of 4.55 billion yuan from 3.88 billion yuan last year; the business scale was further upgraded; and the economic performance was also maintained at a preferable level of growth.

It was indicated in the conference that the business growth of Top 100 Companies of Shanghai mainly relied on the rapid growth of the service sector previously, but now it began to change. In 2016, the driving force from the service sector receded, while the manufacturing sector caught up; the automobile, food and medicine industries thereof saw greater revenue and profit growth. In the future, the development trend of the advanced manufacturing industry of Shanghai will continue, and the innovative manufacturing industry will see obvious acceleration in particular.

It is gratifying that the economic growth of the Top 100 Companies of Shanghai was also accompanied by the constant improvement of labor productivity. As the corporate innovation-driven development strategy is implemented in depth, companies continually invest more resources on research and development, capital scale maintained at a steady growth trend; large enterprises find further initiatives in science and technology innovation, and innovation entities’ status is being further enhanced.


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