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Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce and Tencent Sealed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On June 11, Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce and Tencent sealed a strategic cooperation agreement and announced the cooperation detail in the press afterward.

Mr. Cho Man, Executive Director and President of Shanghai Pharma, Mr. Li Yongzhong, Executive Director, Vice President of Shanghai Pharma, General Manager of SHAPHAR and President of Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce, Chen Guangyu, Vice President of Tencent Mobile Internet Business Group and General Manager of Internet + Cooperation BU, Yin Min, Vice President of AstraZeneca and Yu Tao, Deputy Dean of Renji Hospital, attended the press conference.

Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce and Tencent can complement each other in developing the “Internet+ Healthcare” business. Pursing a common development, share resources and complement each other's advantages, the two companies will establish strategic partnership in such areas as circulation of electronic prescriptions, medical insurance online payment, medical finance innovative payment mode and big health management. Based on the advantageous opportunities as available in the era of “Internet Plus”, the two companies will work together to promote the integrated development of the Internet and medical industry with an expectation to explore the market and business opportunities in the field of “Internet + Healthcare”.

The two companies will carry out in-depth cooperation to create the designated outward flowing patterns of electronic prescriptions, expand the pilot program of medical insurance online payment, promote the linkage between medical institutions and develop drug supply solutions for medical institutions. By way of realizing through joint efforts the linkage between the electronic prescription platform, the medical insurance online payment platform and medical institutions, the two companies will build a closed-loop ecological chain that will range from WeChat registration for medical treatment, medical insurance online payment to drug supply, so as to accomplish the drug supply to medical institutions and patients, while further exploring the business opportunities in the graded diagnosis and treatment and chronic disease management etc.

It is learnt that Yiyao Finance, which is affiliated to Shanghai Pharma Health Commerce, plans to launch a financial installment service for Tagrisso, an innovative targeted drug for the treatment of lung cancer, on July 1 in collaboration with AstraZeneca, with an expectation to alleviate the financial pressures and treatment burdens for patients and their family members and help patients improve their quality of life. As for the medical finance innovative payment mode and its application, SHAPHAR will also establish strategic partnership with Tencent, under which the two companies will explore through joint efforts the breakthrough application of financial payment and insurance busniess in the medical field. By means of integrating finance with healthcare, the accessibility of medical services, pharmaceutical products and medical devices etc. will be improved for the benefit of even more patients in joint contribution to the development of big health business. In the future, SHAPHAR and Tencent will further dig into the cross fields and join hands to promote comprehensive win-win cooperation.


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