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Shanghai Pharma Hosts the Healthy China Four-Season Run(Spring) and witness a New Guinness World Record of Largest Barefoot Race

On the morning of April 15, the 2017 Shanghai Pharma Healthy China Four-Season Run (Spring) was held at the Moon Bay Plaza in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The activity was highlighted by a unique segment, as for the last 100 meters, 1,000-plus runners took off their shoes and socks and rushed towards the finish line on bare foot. Through joint efforts, they have set a new Guinness World Record of the Largest Barefoot Race. It was the first large-scale health run this year in Shanghai and a debut event of the Shanghai Pharma Healthy China Four-Season Run campaign.

Sports and a Healthier life

The whole session was warmed up with Bifico children’s roller skating contest. Mr. Li Yongzhong, Executive Director and Vice President of Shanghai Pharma, addressed the event on behalf of the Company. Shanghai Pharma is dedicated to support a better life for the general public by offering high-quality, affordable and convenient medicines, elevates its disease-oriented business model to the bigger health industry. It is expected that more citizens will be inspired to do more sports and lead a healthier life.

For Shanghai Pharma, the Healthy China Four-Season Run is not only a health activity. But a bigger platform for everybody, some myasthenia gravis patients were invited to come and join in the event . To keep walking is an important therapy for myasthenia gravis patients to recover. Shanghai Pharma not only hopes that this health run would be beneficial to their recovery, but also calls for more support and care for myasthenia gravis patients.

Qing Zhao, the charity partner of this activity and the initiator and executive director of “Beijing Aili Myasthenia Gravis Care Center”, shared her personal experience fighting against the disease and expressed her gratitude as a medicine taker to the pharmaceutical enterprise Shanghai Pharma for its persistence in fulfilling corporate social responsibility over the years. Qing appealed to the public that health should be cherished and life be embraced and taken care of, which made the activity more meaningful.

Run through Four Seasons and Run for Health

 “5, 4, 3, 2, 1……”, along with the countdown, leaders of Shanghai Federation of Workers Unions, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration and Shanghai Pharma sounded the horns together. Along with the resounding slogan of blooming vitality with a century-long heritage runners rushed out from the starting line. The 4-kilometer-long racetrack gets through the natural ecological sceneries of the four seasons around a year thanks to the 4D hi-tech imaging technology that enables the participants to experience by seeing, hearing, smelling and touching a sun-shining spring, a down-pouring summer, a fruitful autumn and a snowy winter. They just ran through all the four seasons.

1,000 People Running on Bare-Foot to Challenge the Guinness Record

The last 100 meters witnessed over 1,000 runners gather together once again and take off their shoes and socks. By an ordering signal of a Guinness adjudicator, they ran bare-foot towards the finish line and accomplished hand-in-hand the Guinness world record attempt of “the largest-scale barefoot running race”.

Gu Haoliang, Vice President of Shanghai Pharma, said in an interview that “From the perspective of TCM, the feet are an important part on a human body that touches the ground directly. You can have direct access to the ground both Yin and Yang when you run barefoot. So such activities will enable you to enjoy the harmonious relationship between human and the nature.”

Healthy China, See You at the Next Stop

The “Healthy China Four-Season Run” series activity is the positive response made by the sponsor Shanghai Pharma to the “Healthy China” strategy, with an expectation to encourage the healthy lifestyle to run out of Shanghai and cover the whole country as the theme of the activity is to make Chinese people healthier.

At the end of the activity, Mr. Cho Man, Executive Director and President of Shanghai Pharma, handed the relay flag of the “Healthy China Four-Season Run” over to Yu Yue, General Manager of SPH KeYUAN, which symbolized that the Shanghai Pharma “Healthy China Four-Season Run” has kicked off. More friends are welcomed to join the coming three sessions in Beijing, Qingdao and Xiamen to build a road of healthy China together.


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