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Shanghai Pharma convened technology innovation meeting and announced “SPH Best R&D Case 2017”

December 15, Shanghai Pharma convened the Technology Innovation Meeting 2017, at which the participants jointly analyzed and summarized the current research status of Shanghai Pharma, and discussed how to apply strategic planning to optimize the efficient R&D system sooner.

The meeting was attended by nearly a hundred participants, including the leadership of SPH Group, leaders and R&D directors of each industrial subsidiary, R&D Management Center, SPH Research Institute, and the directly affiliated branches.

Cho Man, executive director and president of Shanghai Pharma, stressed at the meeting that innovation is the main driving force in the pharmaceutical industry. In the product-based and technology-oriented era, Shanghai Pharma has reached a consensus of taking innovation as the group’s strategy in its future development.

At the meeting, the 16 subsidiaries sent the R&D representatives to share their respective outstanding R&D innovation cases. By means of WeChat voting, the 16 cases were voted on the scene, and Shanghai Zhongxi, SPH Changzhou, SPH Research Institute and Chiatai Qingchunbao were awarded “SPH Best R&D Case 2017".

"Working on research and development cases, will create huge benefits and value for the enterprise," sai Cho Man. It is required to further develop innovation incentive approaches on the system and strategy level, to therefore promote “group-wide innovation” by specific measures. Researchers and their R&D achievements with enormous benefits should be amply rewarded, so that they would feel important, rewarding and influential, and Shanghai Pharma would advance its innovative development and continuously gain advantages against the intense competition of the medicine market. Cho Man wished the research staff could work assured and make greater contributions to the group's development.

Liu Yanjun, vice president of Shanghai Pharma and director of R&D Management Center, introduced the work of 2017 with R&D Management Center, and shared with the participants some strategic thoughts on the group’s research reform overall direction in the context of the initial establishment of the clinical value-based evaluation system and the gradual international integration of China’s drug administration. He proposed the group should "anticipate the trend, lay out in advance, and cope calmly", and constantly explore and optimize the path of innovative development that fits for the features of Shanghai Pharma.

Wen Bin, deputy director of the R&D Management Center, shared the gains and experiences on generic drug consistency evaluation.

Shanghai Pharma Group (Benxi) Beifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is committed to building a "MAH manufacturing base serving for the whole group, China and the world". Han Jianseng, deputy director of R&D Management Center, displayed in detail the first-class hardware and software facilities of the company, introduced its development orientation and construction goal, as well as approval transfer, GMP certification, new product development and industrialization, start of MAH development mode, etc.

Ke Ying, deputy director of R&D Management Center, shared 3 clinical value-oriented R&D cases, introduced the overall operating status of the group's R&D lines, and conveyed the continuous determination to strengthen the R&D management and accelerate the progress of research outputs.

The meeting also covered an exhibition of outstanding science and technology theses.


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