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Shanghai Pharma Joins Hands with TSUMURA & CO. to Explore the TCM Formula Granule Market

According to an announcement released by Shanghai Pharma, a joint venture has been set up with a registered capital of RMB 600 million by Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. (“STCMC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma, in collaboration with TSUMURA & CO., a Japan-based pharmaceutical company. The new joint venture will be engaged in the production and marketing of Chinese patent medicines, TCM formula granules and TCM extracts etc. Apparently this move is intended to rapidly establish its business presence in the TCM formula granules market.

By establishing such a joint venture, Shanghai Pharma will be able to bring its advantages in medicinal material resources, Chinese medicinal materials base, modern warehousing and logistics and extensive channels into full play, while introducing the state-of-the-art Kampo medicine technology and fine management concept from TSUMURA & CO.

In fact, STCMC has been maintaining a partnership with TSUMURA & CO. for over a decade. As early as 2001, a joint venture, Shanghai TSUMURA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., was established by STCMC and TSUMURA & CO. in collaboration with Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd. The joint venture produces extract powders, intermediates of Kampo preparations, for medical use, and the products have been exported from China to Japan.

According to the development program disclosed by Shanghai Pharma, the pharmaceutical group will inherit the national development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”. By adopting such a vision as to become a highly esteemed and reputable manufacturer of leading brands of pharmaceutical products and service provider in the healthcare industry, Shanghai Pharma is dedicated to improving the masses’ healthy life quality, while aggregating resources and attaining the enhancement of its core competitiveness and sustainable development through intelligent manufacturing and smart services. In particular, great efforts will be made to promote the business layout in the whole industrial chain of Chinese medicine. Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. as the core platform for Shanghai Pharma to seek development in the whole industrial chain of Chinese medicine has once again established powerful collaboration with TSUMURA & CO. to resolutely seek business expansion in the area of TCM formula granules. That’s why it is viewed to have seized the industrial opportunity and conform to the overall national strategy of developing the traditional Chinese medicine. The move is expected to deliver safe and high-quality products to consumers, demonstrate the core competitiveness of “Made in Shanghai” and to help facilitate the quality and efficiency improvement of the traditional Chinese medicinal industry in Shanghai, which in all will positively promote the normalization, standardization and internationalization of the traditional Chinese medicine in China.


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