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Shanghai Pharma Makes the Chinese Industrial Enterprise CSR Fulfillment Star List for the First Time and Wins the Title of “Five-Star Enterprise”

    Recently, we learned from the “2015 China Industrial Economy Industry CSR Report Press Conference and the 2nd Chinese Industrial Enterprise CSR Fulfillment Star List Press Conference” that Shanghai Pharma was awarded the title of “China Industry CSR Fulfillment Five-Star Enterprise (2015)”. This is the first time Shanghai Pharma has made the CSR Fulfillment Star List and won the star honor. 

    In accordance with the China Industrial Enterprise Social Responsibility Evaluation Index System, the Measures for the Organization and Management of Chinese Industrial Enterprise CSR Fulfillment Star Rating (Tentative) and the Measures for the Implementation of the 2nd Chinese Industrial Enterprise CSR Fulfillment Star Rating 2015, China Federation of Industrial Economics and United Nations Industrial Development Organization have jointly carried out the “2015 Chinese Industrial Enterprise CSR Fulfillment Star Rating” activity since April 2015. Following voluntary application, recommendation, review, information acquisition, expert review, preliminary assessment through information system, and reexamination by national industry federation (association), provincial, regional and municipal industrial economics federation (association) and other unit, asking for advice from relevant departments and other procedures, 38 “China Industry CSR Fulfillment Five-Star Enterprises (2015)” were determined finally.

    China Federation of Industrial Economics pointed out that this year’s five-star enterprises had relatively clear social responsibility value and strategic planning, relatively advanced social responsibility promotion management, relatively wide social influence and relatively high enterprise reputation. Compared with the first star rating in 2014, the social responsibility strategic planning developed by enterprises was better, the social responsibility promotion management work was gradually improved, more attention was paid to the management work of stakeholders, and the corporate social responsibility practices had more innovations and their own characteristics.

    China Federation of Industrial Economics gave positive recognition especially to “establish internal control standards based on different business forms of subordinate enterprises, covering sales, procurement, inventory, expenses, capital and other aspects, management optimization greatly promoting economic benefit” of Shanghai Pharma.

    Shanghai Pharma indicated that for pharmaceutical enterprises, their social value consists in solving medical/public health problems through continuous R&D innovation to push progress of enterprises and society; ensuring production of safe, trustworthy and affordable drugs, and further improving the availability of drugs and services. In the future, the company will achieve further innovation drive , boost transformation development, and at the same time take implementation of energy saving and emission reduction, brand quality and safe production as key responsibility areas, and incorporate social responsibility into strategy, organization and practice more deeply to promote sustainable development.

    Insiders commented that the enterprise CSR fulfillment star rating activity is the first activity in China’s industry field to make overall and comprehensive evaluation on enterprise social responsibility management level and practice performance, which has important significance in further advancing and intensifying social responsibility management, promoting enterprises’ quality improvement, efficiency increase and upgrade, turning loss into gain, making innovations, seeking green development, and boosting sustainable competitive power.


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