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Shanghai Pharma Reorganizes Dali Zhonggu Yew Biological Co., Ltd.

    In order to integrate Shanghai Pharma’s oncology drug industry chain, build its advantage in APIs, develop GAP planting base of Chinese medicinal materials and build a grand health industry chain, Shanghai Huayu Chinese Herbs Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma, and Shanghai Jinhe Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma, have reorganized Dali Zhonggu Yew Biological Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonggu Biological”) by way of investment in cash, enabling Shanghai Pharma to take the control of Zhonggu Biological.

    Zhonggu Biological is specialized in the planting and sales of yew, a rare plant from which 10DABIII, one of the key intermediates for production of oncology drugs, can be extracted, and its core assets include the yew saplings and trees planted in Dali Prefecture of Yunnan as well as the relevant forest land use right.

   Through this transaction, Shanghai Pharma will establish its advantage in APIs from the source and achieve the integration of oncology drug industry chain. Meanwhile, Shanghai Pharma will take full advantage of the forestland resources owned by Zhonggu Biological to develop GAP planting base of Chinese medicinal materials, so as to create favorable conditions for Shanghai Pharma to build its grand health industry chain.

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