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Shanghai Pharma and China Youth Development Foundation Jointly Set up the “Shanghai Pharma Compassionate Caring Program” Special Fund

   On October 21, 2015, the “Shanghai Pharma Compassionate Caring Program” special fund, China Youth Development Foundation’s first social welfare special fund to improve the medical services in rural areas, was officially set up. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Pharma”) and China Youth Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “CYDF”), both being the sponsors of the special fund, held a brief setting-up ceremony on the same day in Shanghai.

   “Shanghai Pharma Compassionate Caring Program” is intended to enable those who live in remote rural areas to enjoy equal public health services. The special fund was set up at first with a scale of RMB 10 million, which will be used  in the upcoming 3 years to build village clinics, fund patients suffering from rare diseases in rural areas, train village doctors, carry out volunteer medical consultation activities in villages, implement health education, and serve local people. According to the use arrangement of the special fund, three years later, the construction of the first batch of 40 village clinics will be completed, and about 400 village/county doctors will be trained, which would effectively enhance their professional capabilities, provide necessary aid to more than 100 children suffering from rare diseases in poverty-stricken areas, and alleviate the economic burden of their families.

    By setting up this special fund with China Youth Development Foundation, Shanghai Pharma expects to get its social responsibilities tightly linked up with its core resources, so as to provide effective solutions to social problems and create better value. “We will actively explore and perfect social welfare platforms, strengthen resource allocation, extend service capability, promote value sharing, so as to help improve the grass-roots medical facilities, strengthen the service capabilities of grass-roots medical institutions and deeply promote the equalization and accessibility of basic public health services in China,” said Lou Dingbo, Chairman of Shanghai Pharma.

    The construction of five village clinics funded by the “Shanghai Pharma Compassionate Caring Program” special fund, including the one in Dibai Village, Nijiao Town, Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, started on October 27. Once completed, they are expected to be the four-in-one village clinics that integrate the basic public health, basic medical service, essential drug and new rural cooperative medical systems. The construction of other village clinics funded by the special fund will be promoted in an orderly manner subject to the approval on land use and the availability of supporting funds etc. in various areas.


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