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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Shanghai SINE Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. holds the brand “SINE”, which was created in 1916 by one of the earliest national chemical pharmaceutical enterprises of modern China. Thanks to the constant business development over the past century, the Company has grown up to be a large-scale national pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates the pharmaceutical production, marketing and R&D into one entity. The Company runs 9 production bases, 4 business companies and 1 city-level R&D center. SINE boasts to have the powerful channels and terminal-covering capabilities, with its marketing networks having extended to over 30 provinces, autonomous regions and autonomous regions around China, covering nearly 10,000 hospital terminals, over 800 key distributors and over 150 regional-level cities. SINE owns a terminal sales team staffed with over 1,200 people who are highly qualified and professionally trained.

In the Chinese chemical pharmaceutical industry, SINE is one of the few enterprises that have the broadest product lines and the most complete dosage forms. The Company holds 1,114 product ratification documents that cover 14 therapeutic areas and 16 dosage forms. Moreover, the Company owns 3 Class I novel drugs of , in particular, the Bifid Triple Viable is a bio-product of Class I, which has been patented in many countries, including China, the United States, UK, Canada and Australia. Bifid Triple Viable was selected to be a “national standard fungus” of the healthcare fungus preparation in 2012 and, currently, it’s been submitted as a product with proprietary intellectual property right for the FDA registration in the United States. On top of maintaining the leading position in terms of the prescription drugs, the Company has entered into the OTC sector by means of Bifid Triple Viable as one of the key products. It is expected through the painstaking efforts in the upcoming years, SINE will turn out to be one of the biggest pharmaceutical enterprises in China and a perpetual forerunner of development in the micro-ecologic area.

The “SINE” brand has attained a number of special honors as the “Renowned Trademark of China”, the “Chinese Brand with the Most Historical & Cultural Values” and the “Renowned Trademark of Shanghai”. As a key integral part of the Shanghai Pharma, SINE will abide by such business operational conception termed as “run business in good faith and deal with people with friendship”. Relying on the innovations of such four major sectors as the product category development, industrial consolidation, quality improvement and functionality control, SINE strives to improve its core competence.

In 1916, Marx Joffre, a German-Russian PhD in pharmacology, opened at his sole cost a small drugstore named “SINE” at No. 746, Avenue Joffre (today’s Middle Huaihai Road) in Shanghai. Hence the creation of the SINE brand.
In 1940, the anti-inflammatory medicine, Xiaozhilong, which was successfully developed by taking Sulfathiazole as the raw material, began to be marketed and was later on recommended as the “King of All Medicines” as if a dragon in the cloud.
In 1945, the daily output of Xiaozhilong available in the 20-tablet/package reached over 100,000 tablets, making the medicine one of the best-selling pharmaceutical products in the Far-East area. Hence the foundation was laid for the SINE to become one of the top players in the pharmaceutical industry.
In mid-1980s, the SINE Pharmaceutical Plant pioneered in the development of the “One-Step” granulation process, revolving thread-drawing sealing, highly efficient coating process, slow-release preparations and three-phase (suspension)aerosol etc. in China.
On October 5, 1998, Bifid Lriple Viable passed the preliminary reviews by the Bio-Product Appraising Center of the US FDA. That was the first international new drug application for a micro-ecological drug ever handled by the organization and also the first Western medicinal preparation made in the mainland China ever accepted by the US FDA.
In November 2001, Bifid Lriple Viable was patented in the United States.
In 2010, SINE was awarded the “Renowned Trademark of China” by the State Industrial & Commercial Administration. Hence the SINE brand image stepped onto a new stage.


The Bailianjing Story

In 1941, a lot of key wharfs and airports were occupied by the invading Japanese troops. At the time, the equipment and raw materials etc., which the SINE Pharmaceutical Plant had purchased from the US, were unloaded at the Bailianjing Wharf. Through rounds of tense negotiations and preparations, the Japanese agreed at last the SINE may claim the shipment at the wharf. Of the dozens of the pieces of the goods collected, 6 pieces belonged to the SINE and 4 pieces to the Huamei Pharmacy. On hearing of the message from the SINE to collect the goods, the boss of the Huamei Pharmacy could hardly believe in his own hearing. The message, however, spread extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. A lot of bosses of the other pharmaceutical plants turned to the SINE with delegations for negotiations with the Japanese for their own goods. According to the historical records filed in Shanghai Archives Establishment, by making the painstaking efforts in the past months, by the end of 1942, the majority of the goods recovered by the SINE had been dispatched to the respective business operators. In the SINE’s original files, there are not only the entries that specify the whereabouts of each and every piece of the goods, but also the collecting vouchers of the goods. The noble spirit of “Good Medicine, Reputation and Friendship” as embedded in the SINE brand has thereby been vividly demonstrated.

The Story about Patriotic Movement

During the anti-Japanese war period, the “Domestic Goods Movement” came into an upsurge. At a commending assembly of the domestic goods movement convened in Shanghai, through recommendations and appraisals by the industrial associations, those enterprises engaged in various industries, which had outstanding performances in the patriotic goods movement and owned their independently-developed products, were commended by the government with the awarding certificates. The awarding certificates were issued as encouragement to those enterprises that were dedicated to the “Domestic Goods Movement” with powerful performances. Thanks to the unanimous recommendations by the co-players in the industry, the SINE products honorably received a “Certificate of Domestic Goods” issued by the government. The SINE staff’s nationalism and patriotism during the anti-Japanese war have been inscribed into the chronicles of pharmaceutical industry of Shanghai and even the whole country by virtue of this awarding certificate, in which the whole SINE staff’s dedications and hardworking were embodied. Hence the extensive popularity of the SINE brand both at home and abroad.

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