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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Distribution Co., Ltd. remains dedicated to the development of drug distributions at a quicker pace in adherence to the principles of “seeking higher business growth rate than the industry average and the hospitals’ procurement volumes” and has been ranked as No. 1 pharmaceutical distributor in Eastern China for many years and No. 2 in the whole country.

Subject to the management of product types and categories, the Company carries forward the refined management and attaches importance to the direct sales to hospitals, with its market share escalating by year. So far, the Company has built up the distribution networks coveringover 8,000 hospitals in the Eastern China, Southern China and Northern China, including all Tier III-A hospitals in Eastern China. The Company has established its remarkable regional leading position by means of the powerful terminal networks and value-adding services, while enjoying the considerably leading market shares in both Shanghai and Eastern China.

Through years of development, the Company has become one of the biggest pharmaceutical dealers in China, which boasts to have the most extensive networks and most powerful capabilities. The Company deals with over 15,000 types of pharmaceutical products and has established the key partnerships with the top 20 multi-national pharmaceutical companies in attainment of the full coverage of the product types manufactured by top 50 pharmaceutical companies as per the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The Company strives to command the trend of accelerated consolidation of the pharmaceutical distribution industry in China and promotes the implementation of its national strategy. Relying on the advantages of Shanghai Pharma, the Company strives to be a leading pharmaceutical distribution enterprise with nationwide business presence by building up its pharmaceutical distribution networks nationwide. With unflinching determinations, the Company endeavors to make SPH Distribution Co., Ltd. a good company, which is simple, open, widely united and trusted by the passionate staff with mutual respect and trust, in contribution to the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Boasting to be the oldest drugstore still existing on its original site, Yutiancheng Drugstore was founded in 1782(the 47th year of Qianlong period in Qing dynasty), or 231 years ago. Yu Youyuan, the founder of the drugstore, was a native of Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, named the drugstore with a firm title Yutiancheng, which was comprised of his surname “Yu (余)” and “Tian (天) Cheng (成)” as adopted from a phrase“天禄同寿、成德长生”, meaning “enjoy the heavenly longevity with accomplished morality”. The Yu’s family has so far been inherited for five generations from Yu Yoyuan, Yu Quanji, Yu Xiuchu, Yu Wuqing to Yu Luzhen, who have perfected and adhered to such operational mottos known as the “top-quality medicinal materials, fine processing, genuine goods and reasonable prices, treatment of both the aged people and kids with equal honesty, famous doctors sitting in the drugstore for treatment of diseases and saving people’s life”. In addition to the Chinese medicines, the drugstore developed its unique secret recipes, with which the pills and ointments were produced and marketed bearing a logo of “Deer & Crane”, much to the favor of the citizens. The Yu’s ran the drugstore for 121 years, with the reputation of Yutiancheng Drugstore wide spread in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou areas.
In 1931, based on the accumulated studies through generations, Yutiancheng Drugstore compiled the Complete Collection of Pulvis and Pills in three tomes and the Complete Collection of Pills, Pulvis, Emplastrum and Unguentum in one tome, with the entries divided into the internal, gynecological, surgical , injury, pediatric and lunatic sections, which were comprised of a total 488 secret recipes of the patent Chinese medicines.
In 1937, Yutiancheng Drugstore was destroyed by the Japanese bombers and the Shao’s managed to set up a branch of Yutiancheng Drugstore at the East Yan’An Road in downtown area.
In 1939, the Shao’s returned to Songjiang and built up a two-storey house to restore business at the original site.
In 1946, the house was renovated into a false-three-storey building with a total area of 420 m2. On the opening day, the colorful ribbons were hung up and a stage set up for artistic performances, a deer was butchered in public and the various categories of drugs were on sale at discount, which in all an unprecedented occasion.
In 1956, Yutiancheng Drugstore was transformed into a public-private joint-venture and additionally set up with new drug business. In the early 1980s, the Drugstore restored the famous doctors sitting therein for medical advices.
In 1992, Yutiancheng Drugstore was officially approved to be a “China Time-honored Brand”
In October 2008, Shanghai Yutiancheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was elected through appraisals one of the “Top 100 Enterprises of National General Supply & Marketing Cooperatives”.
In 2009, Yutiancheng Drugstore’s Traditional Chinese Medicinal Culture was listed into the catalogue of the second batch of the non-material cultural heritage in Shanghai.
In 2010, the Yutiancheng trademark was approved a “Renowned Trademark of Shanghai” by the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau of Shanghai.
In 2010, Shanghai Yutiancheng Pharmaceutical Chain Co. Ltd. was honorably approved to be one of the “Top 100 Directly-Run Drug-Retailing Chain Stores” in China.
In 2011, the Yuancheng products made of ginseng and deerhorn and the sliced Chinese medicine were nominated the famous-brand commodities of Shanghai in 2010.
In 2011, the drug-retailing business by Shanghai Yutiancheng Pharmaceutical Chain Co. Ltd. was honorably recommended to be one of the famous-brand services of Shanghai.
In 2012, the Yutiancheng Chinese medicine out-patient department was approved to be one of the first batch of 5 designated Chinese medicinal out-patient departments covered by medical insurance in Shanghai


According to the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Records, Yutiancheng Drugstore “set up its own workshop to develop the pills and ointments, distilled liquids and medicinal liquors. Its major products included Quan Lu Pills,Renshen Zaizao Pills, Xingjun Pills,Naosha Gao, Shouwu Prolong Life Pills, Piwen Pills, Feier Bazhengao, Anti-rheumatism Medicinal Liquors, Donkey-hide Glue, and the cooling beverage Honeysuckle Dew, Di Gu Pi Syrup, and Lotus-leaf Dew etc.” Yutiancheng Drugstore selected the materials for drug-processing very carefully. For instance, the skinks for the making of Piwen Pills must be those that caught in the rear bamboo yard behind the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou within 5 days following the Dragon Boat Festival, which would therefore bring about impressive therapeutic values. “In 1942, there was an outbreak of cholera pestilence in Shanghai and a lot of people died in Songjiang. However, some 400 – 500 people survived just because they’d taken in time the Piwen Pills offered by our drugstore and there wasn’t enough time to produce the drug,” quoted Ying Renjie, an 89-year-old pharmacist having served Yutiancheng Drugstore, as saying. According to the remembrance shared by both Fang Liang and Zheng Hanyi, both were nearly 80 years old and the managers of the former Songjiang Medicinal Material Company, “it was said by the older generations that in 1874, Zuo Zongtang was appointed an imperial envoy to be in charge of the military affairs in Xijiang and set up his office in Jiuquan of Gansu Province. Zuo called the Qing military forces from multiple routes to suppress the invading Yakub Beg Army in Xinjiang. The Qing commanders and soldiers, however, found themselves unaccustomed to the local climate and fell sick in large numbers. Zuo Zongtang turned to the red-hat merchant Hu Xueyan for assistance. Hu assigned the task o Yu Xiuchu, the first chief Huqingyu Drugstore. Yu Xiuchu managed to produce the Piwen Pills according to Yutianchegn Drugstore’s formula, process and selected materials. After taking the Piwen Pills, both the Qing commanders and soldiers got rid of the miasma in the mountainous areas and greatly revived. By launching two campaigns from 1877 to 1880, the Yakub Beg Army was completely defeated and a large piece of the Chinese territory recovered.”

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