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Affiliated to the Shanghai Pharma, Zhengda Qingchunbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. can be traced back to the gel-making workshop of Huqingyutang, a century-old drugstore, based on which an independent plant was built up in 1972, later known as the No. 2 Chinese Medicine Plant of Hangzhou. In 1992, the No. 2 Chinese Medicine Plant of Hangzhou was acquired by the Thai Zhengda Group and renamed as “Zhengda Qingchunbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”. With the painstaking efforts in the past 4 decades, the Company has gradually grown from a traditional Chinese medicine workshop up to be one of the biggest modern enterprises with the best profitability in the Chinese medicine sector in China.

Occupying a land area of 120,000 m2, the Company is a large-scale modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise that was built up with the advanced facilities and integrates the scientific research, production and marketing operations focusing on the production of natural drugs. The key products include Qingchunbao Anti-aging Tablets, Qingchunbao Everlasting Sincerity Health Tablets, Classic Everlasting Sincerity Health Tablets, Danshen Zhusheye, Shenmai Zhusheye etc., to name just a few. The Company holds the titles of a key hi-tech enterprise under the State’s Torch Project, a hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province and an exemplary enterprise of industrial recyclable economy of Zhejiang Province.

The "Qingchunbao" is a renowned trademark in China, which was originated from the Qingchunbao tablets, one of the fine healthcare products created by the company. The three-dimensional establishment of "Qingchunbao", which is comprised of the product, the business name and trademark, makes the characteristic of the company's trademark. The youth motivates life and Qingchunbao preserves the youth.
In 1978, the traditional prescription known as "Yishouyongzhen" was found through extensive searches in the folk medicine, upon which the brand "Yingchunbao" was established.
In 2000, the Qingchunbao trademark was awarded the title of the Renowned Trademark of China.
In 2005, the Computation-Analytical Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine Qualities and the Application thereof in Industrialized Production of Shenmai Injections was awarded the Grade II award of National Scientific & Technological Progress
In 2008, the Qingchunbao- Zhejiang University Research Center of the Whole-Process Quality Controlling Technologies for Traditional Chinese Medicine Production was founded


Frustrations make good medicines –Only for Marketing Overseas rather than in the Mainland China
By the end of 1978, the prescription “Yishouyongzhen” passed the final pharmacologic test and was named the “Recovery-of-Youth Tablet”. The package was officially submitted to the superior medicine administrative authorities for production approval. However, the ratification for the production of the “Recovery-of-Youth Tablet” remained unavailable as time went by. A deputy director of the then medicine administrative authorities said that the No. 2 Traditional Chinese medicine factory attached unnecessary importance to nourishment but neglected therapeutic value by following a wrong production orientation and therefore, the ratification wouldn’t be issued for sure. Feng Gensheng argued that even if the poor peasants and farmers cannot afford such Recovery-of-Youth Tablet today, would they never be able to afford it in the future? Similarly, even though the black-and-white TV sets were not yet popularly available in our neighborhood, why the State chose to take great efforts to introduce the color TV production lines? In order to save the Recovery-of-Youth Tablet, Feng managed, through small-scale testing, to set up the reputation of the product among the overseas Chinese and the compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Hence the Recovery-of-Youth Tablet became the thing that they were so eager to buy and recommend to one another and there was an increasing demand for marketing of the Recovery-of-Youth Tablet. In February 1980, the Recovery-of-Youth Tablet was officially approved for production; provided, however, the production was permitted to serve solely and exclusively the “bourgeoisies”, as the product was permitted only for marketing overseas. Contained in the brand-new packages, the Recovery-of-Youth Tablet was renamed “Qingchunbao”. Thanks to the continual efforts thereafter, Qingchunbao was eventually approved for production and marketing in the mainland China.


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