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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Qingdao Growful Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the only one Chinese medicine enterprise that has a history of over half a century in Qingdao, Shandong, China.

Historically, the Company can be traced back to Le’s Drugstore in Beijing. In 1956, following the merging of the public and private Chinese medicine retailing businesses in Qingdao, Qingdao Guoyao Processing Plant was set up, which was later on renamed as Qingdao Guoyao Pharmaceutical Plant and Qingdao Chinese Medicine Plant. In 1994, the plant was transformed into a company limited by shares. In 1998, after further transformation and renaming, Growful Pharmaceutical was set up, which became almost instantly a renowned brand in Shandong. The Growful brand was awarded the honorary titles of the outstanding brand of the Chinese medicinal industry in China and the renowned trademark in China.

While being concentrated on the core business of modern prepared Chinese medicine, the Company has been open and adaptable to the development trends and taking the initiatives to explore such areas as chemical drugs, oceanic drugs and healthcare products. In adherence to the quality conceptions termed as to “Hold the Whole Staff Accountable and Be Stringent and Norm-Oriented”, the Company insists on producing the drugs with prime and trustworthy qualities and on rendering the safe, highly efficient and characteristic drugs as well as pharmacological services to the mass people. So far, the Company has formed such business scale comprising of five series, including the cardiovascular system, digestion system, respiration system, blood system and healthcare products and holds 6 State-level protected types of Chinese medicine and dozens of the State-level patented inventions. Such key products as Yangxinshipian, Kugan Keli, Kuaiwei Pian, Hongyuanda (Iron Polysaccharide Complex Capsules) have been widely recognized with remarkable popularity and competitive advantages in the market.

In pursuit of the sustainable overall development, the Company promotes the integration of production, marketing, R&D and innovation and has so far built up a complete industrial chain ranging from manufacturing, distribution through retailing. The Growful Industrial Park, a 700-mu production base owned by the Company, is recognized to be the biggest pharmaceutical industrial park in Qingdao City. The four subsidiaries, including the Growful Pharmacy, run the well-established drug-retailing networks in Qingdao City and, furthermore, have the sales networks extended to the various major big and medium-sized cities around China. Meanwhile, the products are exported to international markets, including the US and South-East Asian countries.

The Company keeps up with the construction of its high-grade corporate culture, fosters a cohesive staff with such core values as “responsibility, dedication, teamwork and innovation”, inspires the employees with such vision as “to be the best pharmaceutical enterprise in China” and demonstrates itself in both the society and market by virtue of the vigorous and zealous cultural power.

Being in this brand-new era and environment today, the whole Growful staff cherish the corporate heritage, adhere to the mission of “reviving the Growful gallantry and creating the healthy life” and to the business operational conception of “treating customers sincerely and sharing results”, while striving to create a first-class brand of modern Chinese medicine and march forward towards the goal of being the best pharmaceutical company in China recognized for rapid development, outstanding quality and employees’ pride.

In 1956, the traditional Chinese medicine retailers were transformed into the joint state-private enterprises and the Yongletang Processing Group was renamed as the “Joint State-Private Yongletang Traditional Chinese Medicine Processing Plant”. Hence Growful entered into a new phase of development history.
In 1967, Growful independently developed the “Lidanpian”, which was awarded a national silver prize for quality product.
In 1985, Growful was ranked by the State Drug Administration as one of the 56 key manufacturing enterprises of patent traditional Chinese medicine and was the first enterprise in North China to have started manufacturing the patent traditional Chinese medicine with the one-step granulation process.
In 1996, by close collaboration with the Provincial Oceanic Medical Science Research Institute of Shandong, Growful realized the complementary advantages between scientific research institute and business enterprise and thereby strengthened its independent R&D capabilities. One of the earliest enterprises in China engaged in the R&D of oceanic medicines, Growful was approved to be a provincial-level technological development center in 1997 and has since been approved for three consecutive years by the Municipal Ministry of Science and Technology of Qingdao as a “Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of Qingdao City”.
In November 1998, the company was officially named as “Qingdao Growful Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.”
In 2003, Growful was approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology as a “Key Hi-Tech Enterprise under the State’s Torch Program” and also began to undertake the publication of Chinese Journal of Marine Drugs, the sole core journal of oceanic medicine of the country.
In 2003, Kugan Keli was ranked by the Ministry of Health as one of the patent traditional Chinese medicines for treatment of SARS and In 2009, Kugan Keli was adopted by many provinces as to be their reserved drug against H1N1.
In January 2003, the Growful product Hongyuanda was certified as one of the State’s innovative drugs, which was created an international hi-tech result featuring the application of the bionic principle in pharmaceutical area.
In 2005, Growful participated in the “State’s Action Plan on Improvement of Drug Standards” and independently drafted the standards of up to 10 medicines for the Pharmacopoeia.
In 2011, the “Growful” trademark was awarded the “Renowned Trademark of China” by the State Industrial & Commercial Administration.


Story I:   

Ever since the entry into the new century, thanks to the promotion by the Municipal Government of Qingdao, the company settled down in Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the Growful Industrial Park was built up with a total investment of RMB 700 million yuan. The Industrial Park was opened for trial operation on November 30, 2002 and was approved by the Municipal Government of Qingdao to be the “Key Industrial Park of Qingdao City”. What is worth mentioning is that one section of the Great Wall of the State Qi, the oldest part of the Great Wall in China, stretches from the east to the west across the southern part of the Growful Industrial Park, covering a distance of about 600 meters. The Great Wall of the State Qi was built up over 500 years earlier than the Great Wall of Qin. Listed as a national key protection unit of historical relics, the relics the Great Wall of the State Qi is part of the valuable historical and cultural resources of China as well as the world-class valuable historical and cultural heritage. In the beginning of the construction of the industrial park, the culture bureau of the Development Zone issued a document to Growful, which contains a statement as follows: “To build up the Growful Industrial Park nearby the relics of the Great Wall of the State Qi will be beneficial to the succession and development of the traditional Chinese medicine …… and beneficial to the development and utilization of the traditional Chinese cultures, which will enable the industrial park to enjoy booming business on the one hand, and carry forward the traditional Chinese cultures on the other, with the achievements made in the contemporary era to benefit the future generations.”

With thousands of years having elapsed, the relics of the Great Wall of the State Qi can hardly be found nowadays. Nevertheless, by referring to that part of the ancient Chinese history, we should develop new understanding of our corporate mission to “Carry on and Promote the Magnificent Tradition of Chinese Medicine”. At leisure times, when our staff members wander about the Industrial Park, they’d stop by here and there, trying to find the historical traces and sensing the glamour that Growful has inherited from the traditional Chinese cultures.

Story II: Marvelous Performance by Teamwork Spirit    

In 2003, the epidemic SARS unexpectedly swept across the mainland China. In this vital campaign waged against the disease, Kugan Keli was gradually recognized by more and more people, thanks to the powerful efficacy against the viral infections. In order to safeguard the people’s health and to fulfill the solemn mission as of a pharmaceutical company, the Growful staff relentlessly threw themselves into the campaign against SARS by launching a mass campaign of production and operation involving the whole staff.

Get everything ready for production! The whole staff quickly entered into the ‘wartime’ status and worked hard with their utmost efforts to ensure the market supplies.” On April 22, the company blew a bugle call to “fight against the SARS and safeguard the people’s health”. The front-line employees worked 12 hours a day and the office clerks 10 hours a day. The public holidays, including the May Day Holiday, were given up. All production facilities were manipulated up to their utmost capacities and kept running round o’clock. The Party members and Youth Leaguer members as well as the employees from different offices and logistic division took over the workload of folding the drug directions. Till 5:00 am of April 23, the total amount of the materials loaded/unloaded reached 161 tons/times, according to the Shipment Section’s data. That was equivalent to the workload that would have been handled in one week in general, which was deemed to be the first miracle ever created during the mass campaign. From April 23 through May 9, we had accomplished the packaging of finished products of up to 29,974 pieces. According to the incomplete statistical data, the workload as completed in these 17 days was equivalent to that which would have been done in 2 months in the past, by which a historic record was created in Growful’s production and one more miracle ever created during the mass campaign.

Thanks to the long-term fostering by Growful’s corporate culture, each and every member of the staff attached the highest importance to the corporate interests. Whenever needed by the company, the individual employees volunteer to make persistent contributions. In order to attain one goal, every body works hard and the whole team dashes forward.

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