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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Xiamen Chinese Medicine Plant Co., Ltd. was derived from its predecessor, Xiamen Chinese Medicine Plant, which had been set up through merging of Xiamen Zhenghehao Drugstore, which was noted for a 400-year-long history, Huaideju Drugstore, Shoushengtang, Gaofeng Drugstore and Yitieling Drugstore in 1965. In September 2002, Xiamen Chinese Medicine Plant was transformed collectively into Xiamen Chinese Medicine Plant Co., Ltd. to be engaged in the processing production of the Chinese medicinal materials, prepared Chinese medicine, chemical preparations and bio-products, with its principal business focusing on the R&D, production and marketing of the Chinese medicine. Through years of development, the Company has grown up to be a State-level hi-tech enterprise noted for the self-dominated innovations and dedicated to the R&D, production and marketing of the anti-inflammation and pain-relieving Chinese medicinal products.

Located in the Light Industry & Foodstuff Industry Park of Xiamen, the Company occupies a land area of 120,000 m2 and has been built up with the GMP-compliant production lines of up to 8 drug types. The Company is staffed with over 600 employees, including nearly 300 technicians of various specialties. The Company owns nearly 100 ratification documents of drug productions, including 4 State-level classified types, 4 State-level protected types of Chinese medicine and 1 renowned product of Fujian Province. The registered trademark “Dinglu” is a famous trademark of Fujian Province. With the relentless efforts to foster the market, the Company has built up the product clusters with the Xinhuang Pian, Babaodan, Shenshu Keli and Haizhu Chuanxiding Pian playing the dominant roles therein and enjoying remarkable popularity all over China as well as in the South-East Asian countries and regions.

While being dedicated to business operations in the past decades, the Company has always been adhering to the development guidance of “inheritance without sticking to the old practice and development without neglecting the tradition”; on the basis of carrying forward the essence of the Chinese medicine, importance has been attached to the integration of the traditional process and modern science and technologies and to the vigorous implementation of the brand strategic engineering in constant promotion of technical upgrading the traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, in particular, the Company has taken the initiatives to deal with the risks such as the rapid growth in the operational cost arising from the general moving of the facilities and the soaring prices of the raw and auxiliary materials and has thereby realized stable development of the corporate scale, while maintaining the sound business performance. The Company has been listed among the top few in the prepared Chinese medicine industry nationwide.

1. Xiamen Chinese Medicine Factory was set up in 1965 through the merging of Xiamen Zhenghe Drugstore, Huaideju Drustore, Shoushengtang, Gaofeng Drugstore and Yitieling, which were the renowned brands having lasted for a long history of nearly 400 years. Since then, Xiamen Chinese Medicine Factory officially inherited the DINGLU brand, which was founded by Xiamen Zhenghe Drugstore in 1632.
2. In September 2002, Xiamen Chinese Medicine Factory was transformed as a whole entity into Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.
3. In May 2006, the “DINGLU and picture” XIN HUANG PIAN was verified to be the “National Classified Technology of Secret Class” by both the Ministry of Science & Technology and National Security Agency.
4. In June 2007, the “DINGLU and picture” BA BAO DAN, and BA BAO DAN JIAO NANG were verified to be the “National Preserved Types of Chinese Medicine of Grade II” by the State Food & Drug Administration.
5. In February 2008, the “DINGLU and picture” SHEN SHU KE LI (without sugar) and TONG MAI JIANG ZHI PIAN were verified to be the “National Preserved Types of Chinese Medicine of Grade II” by the State Food & Drug Administration.
6. In February 2010, the manufacturing process and ingredient of the “DINGLU and picture” brand BA BAO DAN , the BA BAO DAN JIAO NANG and FU SHOU JIAO NANG were verified to be the “National Classified Technologies of Secret Class” by both the Ministry of Science & Technology and National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets.
7. In 2010, the company successfully developed the first patent Chinese medicine, the QI GU JIAO NANG capsules for treatment of post- menopause osteoporosis in China.
8. In 1998, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011, the “DINGLU and picture” trademark has been verified for many consecutive years by the Provincial Renowned Trademarks Verification Committee of Fujian as the “Renowned Trademark of Fujian Province”.
9. In 2005, 2007 and 2010, the XIN HUANG PIAN marketed under the “DINGLU and picture” brand has been awarded for many consecutive years by the People’s Government of Fujian Province the title of the “Famous Brand Products of Fujian Province”.
10. In February 2011, a series of the patent Chinese medicines marketed under the “DINGLU and picture” brand were awarded by the People’s Government of Xiamen the title of the “Prime Quality Brand of Xiamen”.


BA BAO DAN refers to such patent Chinese medicine renowned both at home and abroad, which used to be the fine medicine reserved for exclusive use in the imperial palace of Ming Dynasty. The international friends tend to refer to such medicine as the “natural antibiotic with special effect”.

In about 1555, a highly-skilled imperial physician serving the Emperor of Shizong of Ming Dynasty escaped from the Capital City of Beijing for his resentment against Yan Song and his son. The physician came and settled down in Pushanyan Temple in the suburb of Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, where he became a monk and enjoyed the tranquil life. Affected by Shaolin Temple, most of the monks in Pushanyan Temple exercised the Chinese martial arts in order to get themselves stronger and protect the temple. Injuries and bone fractures occurred from time to time during the exercises. The former imperial physician witnessed the cases and couldn’t resist the temptation of producing the BA BAO DAN as per the secret imperial formula. Those who were injured got immediately recovered after taking this medicine, which was deemed to be awesome. Hence the great popularity.

In the early years of the Republic of China, the secret formula was passed on to Monk Yanhou. Later on, Yanhou opened a teahouse named Xinyuan by the east entrance of Zhangzhou in Fujian, where he also made BA BAO DAN. Gao Feng, an apprentice of Xinyuan teahouse went to Hong Kong and set up a Gaofeng Drugstore at No. 2, Fleming Road in Wanchai, where the Wangmao brand BA BAO DAN was made and sold. After liberation, the Gaofeng Drugstore was moved back to the mainland China and settled down in No. 178, Kaiyuan Road in Xiamen. In 1958, Gaofeng Drugstore was merged into Xiamen Yuejin Pharmaceutical Factory, the predecessor of Xiamen Chinese Medicine Factory.

Constantly seeking quality perfection, BA BAO DAN is manufactured strictly according to the secret recipe of the imperial palace of Ming Dynasty and traditional process by selecting a total of eight precious medicinal materials, including the natural bezoar, natural musk, antelope’s horn and snake-gallbladder. The medicine has the sound efficacies to clear internal fever and relieve humidity, invigorate blood circulations, remove jaundice and relieve pains. BA BAO DAN enjoys very high a reputation in the markets both at home and abroad, as the overseas Chinese almost superstitiously worship the medicine.

“Medicines Are Processed Unnoticeably and God Keeps Watching of Any Bad Conscience” the Story about the Motto of Zhenghe Drugstore, the Predecessor of Xiamen Chinese Medicine Factory

In 1632, Xiamen Zhenghe Drugstore officially opened business. The drugstore set up its business motto later known as “Medicines Are Processed Unnoticeably and God Keeps Watching of Any Bad Conscience” and DINGLU the logo for the drug packages. In 1925, two clerks quitted from the Xiamen Zhenghe Drugstore collaborated with a Taiwanese ronin of Japanese nationality and opened a drugstore under the title of “Zhenhe”, which did nothing else but simulating the Zhenghe products, with not only the descriptions but also the packages following the same patterns. The simulators tried in vain to get rich in this way and didn’t expect the severe losses in just a couple of years of poor operations, and they had to close down the firm. In order to prevent the quasi Zhenghe products as simulated by “Zhenhe” from flowing into the market sacrificing Zhenghe’s business reputation, the Zhenghe Drugstore bought all of “Zhenhe” Drugstore’s inventories with a lot of money and set them all on fire. Later on, someone embezzled the Zhenghe Drugstore’s title and trademark in production of the false Zhenghe pills for sales in Taiwan and did make some money at first. Having been aware of the case, Zhenghe Drugstore demanded investigations by the administrative authorities. The counterfeiter had to flee to escape punishment. The two stories help prove Zhenghe Drugstore’s motto, which is known as “Medicines Are Processed Unnoticeably and God Keeps Watching of Any Bad Conscience”, is indeed an irrefutable truth.

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