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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Liaoning Haohushi Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. was derived from Housheng Chinese Medicine Drugstore founded in 1902 (the 28th year of Guangxu period in Qing dynasty), on the basis of which Hengren Chinese Medicine Plant was set up in the 1970s, which was later on transformed into a privately run enterprise in the 1990s. it became a member of the Shanghai Pharma in 2010 and by now it’s become an enterprise with a century-long history specifically engaged in the manufacturing of the serial prepared Chinese medicines. A recognized scientific research and modernized production base of Chinese medicine, the Company has been awarded the honorary titles, including the State-level hi-tech enterprise, one of the State-level top 100 enterprises engaged in the Chinese medicine industry and the leading enterprise engaged in the Chinese medicine industry in Liaoning Province.

The Company operates by integrating the Chinese medicinal plantation, the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of the pharmaceutical as well as healthcare products into one entity, mainly products the prepared Chinese medicine, healthcare products, and Chinese medicinal raw material drugs etc. and is authorized to deal with import/export at its sole discretion. The Company boasts to hold a leading position in China in terms of both the equipment calibers and manufacturing and technological capacities. The product lines are comprised of such three preparation types as the tablets, granules and capsules and 47 product types, which include 17 exclusively-produced types, 25 types listed in the national medical insurance catalogues and 30 types listed in the medical insurance catalogues of Liaoning Province. There are four major product series covering women’s diseases, rheumatic diseases, kidney diseases and cardiovascular diseases, with Rupixiao, Wangbi Pian, Qiangshen Pian and Yixinningshen Pian playing the dominating roles. Thanks to the sales networks established nationwide, the Company has formed powerful marketing advantages. As of such key products as Rupixiao, Wangbi Pian, each has reportedly had the sales revenues of over RMB 100 million yuan.

The Company runs four major brand trademarks, including “Zihousheng”, “Cangsong”, “Haohushi” and “Shanxingzhe”. The “Cangsong” trademark has been selected as the renowned trademark of China and the “Haohushi” trademark the renowned trademark of Liaoning Province. The Company has attained such honorary titles as the national trustworthy brand, the national enterprise with Class AAA quality reputation, the national contract-compliant and creditable unit, the national key enterprise of creating famous brand, the national advanced unit in construction of corporate culture. The Company has honorably been recommended in a national ranking list of consumer-trusted units and nominated as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a dragon-rising enterprise and an exemplary unit of construction of corporate culture in Liaoning Province.


In July 1977, Zihousheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy and Huanren County Brewery TCM Workshop merged together to establish Benxi Hengren Pharmaceutical Factory, which uses the brand Cangsong to promote products at that time.
In 1979, the trademark Cangsong was registered with the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
From 1988-1992, Cangsong Leilong Pian won the International Sports Gold Awardand the National Sports Nutrition Gold Award three times in a row;
In 1991, Cangsong Leilong Pian won the Gold Award at the International Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine;
In 1990, Cangsong Rupixiao Pian received the Award for Quality Products granted by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM);
In 1991, Cangsong Rupixiao Pian won the Gold Award at the International Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine;
In 1992, Cangsong Rupixiao Pian and Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets won the Chinese Medical Association Award forTrustworthy Drugs;
In 1993, Cangsong nephritis drugs (Shenyan Jiere Pian, Shenyan Xiaozhong Pian, and Shenyan Wenyang Pian) won the Gold Cup Award at the China's First Bian Que Award Ceremony;
In1993, Cangsong Tongru Keli and Chunbao won the Liaoning Gold Awardof the First National Pharmaceutical Expo;
In2004, Cangsong Rupixiao Jiaonang won the Russia Mechnikov Gold Award and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Contribution Award for Consolidating National Health;
In2006, Cangsong Rupixiao were awarded the Invention Patent Certificate of Drugs for Treatment of Uterine Fibroids. In2008, Cangsong Rupixiao Ruanjiaonang and its preparation method won the Invention Patent Certificate;
Cangsong Wangbi Pian won the National Invention Patent and the 17th China Invention Exhibition Gold Award;
In2009, Cangsong Rupixiao Pian won the honorary title of “People-Trusted Drugs”awarded by China's Ministry of Health.
In2012, Wangbi Tabletwon the honorary title of “People-Trusted Drugs” awarded by China's Ministry of Health. The single varieties of Cangsong Rupixiao Pian and Wangbi Pian have been included in the National Essential Drugs List.

Cangsong Rupixiao Pian originally developed and exclusively produced by Herbapex and sold well for their excellent quality and reliable efficacy.

In early 2000, the company found that more than a dozen drug manufacturers produce counterfeit Rupixiao Pian and dozens of merchants sell fake products. With the support of local governments, the company worked with local public security bureaus to launch a large-scale anti-counterfeiting campaign, investigating and dealing with 265 counterfeit drug cases. 26 news papers and radios nationwide, including Drugstore Weekly, reported the anti-counterfeiting campaign, in which the National Committee on the Assessment of the Protected Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products ordered 13 drug manufacturers to stop the illegal production of fake Rupixiao Pian. This helped the company's Cangsong Rupixiao Pian enter the national market smoothly, be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and become the drug of choice for treatment of breast hyperplasia as well as a leading brand in the drug market for treatment of breast hyperplasia.

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