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Affiliated to Shanghai Pharma, Hangzhou Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a nationally renowned Chinese medicine enterprise with a highly reputable brand.

In 1874 (the 13th year of Tongzhi period in Qing dynasty), Hu Xueyan, a red-hat merchant of Qing Dynasty founded the Huqingyutang Drugstore at Dajing Lane at the foot of Mount Wushan, a renowned scenic spot, subject to the guidance of saving life for the benefit of the world. On the basis of the official recipes of the “Taiping Huimin Heji Drug Bureau” run by the authorities in the Southern Song Dynasty as well as the traditional recipes, proven and secret recipes donated by the renowned Chinese medicinal doctors, the drugstore began to produce the pills, medicinal powders, ointments, pellets, yeast, dews, oils, medicinal liquors, tablets, capsules and granules etc. covering hundreds of products. Hence Huqingyutang was recognized as one of the biggest traditional pharmaceutical enterprises with the longest history in China with a fame of the “King of Drugs in South China”.

During the latter period of 1990s, located on the beautiful Qiantang River, Hangzhou Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. inherited the spirit of integrity and dedication of the century-old Huqingyutang and accomplished the course of upgrading itself from a traditional workshop to the modern manufacturing facilities and thereby approved to be a hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province. The “Huqingyutang” brand has been elected as the industrial trustworthy consumption brand in Zhejiang Province; the “Huqingyutang” trademark has been approved to be a renowned Chinese trademark and the “Huqingyutang” Chinese medicinal culture has become the State-level intangible cultural heritage.

The Weifuchun Pian, one of the Company’s key products, has been selected to be one of the famous brand products of Zhejiang Province for many consecutive years; in addition, such healthcare foodstuffs as the Herba Dendrobium Grain, Propolis Capsules have been selected to be the renowned outstanding products in the healthcare industry of Shanghai. The pharmaceutical products and healthcare foodstuffs manufactured by the Company have been GMP-certified by the State (for pharmaceutical products) and GMP-approved in Zhejiang Province (for healthcare foodstuffs).

The Company owns a total of 182 drugs and 9 healthcare products that are manufactured subject to the State ratifications. The Company owns 3 patented inventions, 9 patented utility models and 9 patented outer appearances. Of the major products produced by the Company, the Xifeining Pian (the State Grade Ⅲ new drugs), Weifuchun Pian, Xiao’er Xiexieting Keli, Zhang Yi San, Qingyu Jiuxin Wan (Shenxiang Suhe Wan) have been granted either the scientific and technological progress awards or the outstanding new product awards at both the provincial and city levels. The Qiju Dihuang Koufuye is a State-level primarily developed drug; such 5 categories of new drugs including Chenxiang Huaqi Jiaonang, Weifuchun Pian etc. are made with the proprietary intellectual property rights; the Weifuchun Pian, Xiao’er Xiexieting Keli, Ningxin Anshen Jiaonang, Shenxiang Suhe Wan have been approved to be the State-level protected types of Chinese medicine. The Weifuchun Pian, Qiangli Pipalu produced by the Company have been listed as the designated drug types for reserves in Zhejiang Province from 2011 through 2013. The key healthcare foodstuffs include Herba Dendrobium Grain, Xiyangshen Koufuye, Propolis Capsules etc.

The Company has, in recent years, been endeavoring to combine the century-old traditional advantageous characteristics of Chinese medicine with modern science and technologies and set up a Chinese medicine research organization, the Provincial R&D Center of Modernized Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang. Efforts have been made to inherit and explore the “Huqingyutang Collective Recipes”. On the bases of the proven or secret recipes collected from the renowned and senior Chinese medicine doctors and by reference to the international development experience of modern pharmaceuticals and natural drugs, the Company keeps making innovations and developing the new Chinese medicinal products with the proprietary intellectual property rights, while striving to research and develop a variety of the prepared Chinese medicine and healthcare foodstuffs, which help form the product structures characteristic of the traditional prepared Chinese medicine and healthcare foodstuffs to satisfy the constantly developing social demands and comprehensively improve the Company’s R&D capabilities and productivity.

During the long history of development, the Chinese medicinal products and healthcare foodstuffs that bear the “Huqingyutang” trademark have enjoyed remarkable popularity amongst the mass people, thanks to the high quality and brand reputation as guided by the principles of “business integrity against fraudulence” and “genuine procurement and meticulous refinement”.

In 1874, the Huqingyutang Drugstore was founded;
In 1958, the Yezhongde Drugstore, another big drugstore founded in 1808 in Hangzhou, merged into it, and set up the public-private management of Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical Plant.
In 1988, the State Council issued a document, reading “the historic buildings of Huqingyutang are calssified as National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units”.
In 1999, transformed into the Huqingyutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
In 1999, the Weifuchun Pian won the awards of scientific and technological progress or the awards of excellent new products at both the provincial and city levels.
In 2002, the Huqingyutang trademark was approved to be a renowned trademark of China.
In May 2003, became a joint-venture company of Hong Kong Shangshi Healthcare Products Company.
In 2004, the Huqingyutang brand was approved to be a trustworthy brand of consumption goods successively in Zhejiang Province.
In 2006, Weifuchun Pian, one of the Company’s key products, has been appraised for many consecutive years a renowned-brand product of Zhejiang Province; the health-promotional foods such as the Herba Dendrobium Grain and Propolis Capsules, have been appraised to be the renowned and outstanding products in the health-promotional product industry of Shanghai.
In 2009, transformed by Hong Kong Shangshi Healthcare Products Company into a joint-venture with Hong Kong Yuncheng Company.
2011 – 2013, the Company’s products, including “Weifuchun Pian, Qiang Li Pipalu and Fufang Danshen Pian”, have been approved to be the designated drug types for medical reserves in Zhejiang Province.


The Story of the Benevolent Art of Healing

Huqingyutang was located at the foot of Mount Wu, which was referred to by the Hangzhou locals as the “Buddhist Mount”, for plenty of the temples thereon, which attracted an impressively large number of the pilgrims who went up the mount for worships in the temples all year round. When Huqingyutang was opened, Hu Xueyan wore an official hat decorated with bird’s feathers on his head, an official chain of pearls on his chest and an official suit, solemnly entertaining in person the clients. One day, a group of the pilgrims went down from Mount Wu and they all appeared to be the ordinary peasants in shabby clothes and speaking with a Huzhou accent. One of them fainted away in the shrine somehow, and the others carried him into Huqingyutang Drugstore. When Hu Xueyan heard of this, he hurried to the drugstore, and not only ordered to rescue the faint people, but also gave everyone a packet of drug for acute diseases. During this period, the pilgrims talked that Huzhou area was a rich place originally, however in recent years, the masses had no means to live because of the war, and there was serious pestilence. Hu Xueyan sighed on hearing this.

On their leaving, Hu Xueyan sent each one of the pilgrims one bottle of the pellets against acute communicable diseases and a large bag of the drugs against acute diseases and asked them to convey the drugs to those patients who couldn’t afford the medical expense. When the pilgrims bid farewell, Hu XUeyan decided instantly to dispatch his clerks to the transportation hubs such as the wharfs etc. to grant free of charge the drugs against the acute diseases to the ordinary people for three years. Manager Yu Xiuchu said smiling “that is the benevolent art of healing”, while the clerks were quite puzzled over Boss Hu’s generosity.

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