Shanghai Hua’s Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is an enterprise controlled by Shanghai Pharma by shares. The Company has built up the pharmaceutical retailing share-holding companies in such areas as Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu, where the Company boasts to hold considerable market shares in terms of both the sales volumes and number of stores. In Shanghai, the Company has opened stores in all of the 18 administrative districts and has thereby become one of the important service windows in the pharmaceutical retailing industry in Shanghai. Thanks to the development in the past 15 years, the Company has turned out to be a pharmaceutical retailing chain enterprise focusing on the pharmaceutical retailing business and boasting to have business presence in multiple provinces and cities.

The Company strives to render services to promote the people’s healthcare and improve their living qualities; adhere to the conception of seeking the greatest honor from rendering the heartfelt customer services; set up the vision of becoming a good company in attainment of the public recognition, staff’s satisfaction, leading position and sustainable development in the industry; observe the mission of “sparing no efforts to render the satisfactory healthcare services to consumers”; always treat the customers’ health and life with top priority and care meticulously about the customers by way of being a doctor to treat minor diseases, a medical advisor on major diseases and the one who can rely on in case of grave diseases. The Company has developed the unique remote video pharmacological consultation service systems in the drug-retailing systems nationwide, which enable the customers to do video consultations in various Hua’s drugstores. In August 2009, Hua’s e-business website ( was opened for operation and officially entered into Tianmao in December 2012 in attainment of the jointly-operable sales services through both the Internet and drugstores. On December 28, 2012 the DIY drug dispensers were set up in various major metro stations, rendering convenience for the citizens to buy drugs. In addition, a 24h drug purchase service hotline was set up to render pharmacological services to customers so as to secure safe drug administration. The Company has issued the e-business cards and shall combine the Hua’s business cards and the Hua’s membership in an attempt to explore new business models.

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